Security Hub for SAP

 SAP Security Just Got Easier

How you can achieve 360˚ degree cyber resilience with our SAP Security as a Managed Service 


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Lean Architecture

Minimum TCO, maximum ROI

A scalable platform that grows with you as your needs change, easily and seamlessly adding powerful functionality, coverage and users. With Security Hub there are no code changes on your SAP systems and no heavy configurations or maintenance required.

Our lightweight connector is powered by the cloud-native Microsoft Azure SAP threat monitoring solution. It can be deployed on any architecture: public cloud, private cloud or on-premise. In addition, our offer consists of other important components that pursue a continuous and holistic solution approach for your SAP systems. It requires minimal hardware, unlike most other solutions. Your SAP systems can be connected to Security Hub within hours - not months!


How It Works 

Your SAP systems are connected to our platform with a lightweight log collector, within hours - not weeks.

How Security Hub takes the stress out of SAP security


Instant Alerts 

Near real time alerts to keep you one step ahead 

Customer Portal 

Everything you need to know about you SAP security in one place 

Monthly Reports 

Insights, security scores and actionable recommendations

24/7/365 Scanning 

Keeping you one step ahead of threat actors 

Customized threat detection patterns 

To suit your organization's individual needs 

Expert Support 

Decades of experience at your fingertips, for inclusive consultancy and support 

Advanced Log Collection 

15+ SAP logs collected for holistic security 

Log storage 

Safe and secure storage for your logs 

With machine and human intelligence combined Security Hub for SAP is your new secret weapon for SAP security.

 Focus on your core business whilst knowing that your mission-critical data is safe and secure. With a proactive, predictive approach, Security Hub for SAP helps ensure compliance and data security - whether you store it on-premise or in the cloud.

One-stop Shop for All SAP Security

Connecting the dots 

Increase efficiency, gain control and peace of mind by having all SAP concerns in one place. Avoid the gaps that come with trying to glue together siloed solutions. Save time and mental energy for your core business whilst equipping yourself with greater knowledge and understanding.

Holistic Log Collection

Covering all your blind spots

Our holistic approach covers more logs than ever and allows you to rest in the knowledge that your security is more resilient. Security Hub has your back, and all your bases are covered.

Custom Rules Designed to Fit You

Unrivalled, customized coverage

Our full-service offering includes the development of custom threat detection rules so that you can meet your internal compliance requirements and reduce the number of manual controls. Maximize your security and minimize your stress knowing your organization’s individual needs are covered.

Demystify SAP Security

SAP Security is no longer an expensive black box

With our platform for continuous SAP Security & Compliance Management, we shed light on all corners of your SAP security and give you the education and empowerment to stay one step ahead of the hackers. We simplify SAP Security & Compliance into a few key steps by automating technical controls, delivering insights with reports and providing a step-by-step process to meet operational controls. Your SAP systems are fully transparent on our platform.

Gain Peace of Mind Knowing Security Hub Has Your Back

Expert filtering and immediate alerts

No more alert fatigue or attempting the seemingly impossible task of recognizing and prioritizing the real threats. We do the prioritization for you and filter only the genuine threats that you need to take action on. Saving you time, and valuable internal resources for business critical tasks.

Re-imagine SAP Security 

Security Hub for SAP is a one stop shop for all your SAP Security needs. Simplifying and strengthening your SAP security.

Human and Machine Power Combined

Our automated platform detects anything suspicious and human intelligence filters the 1% that requires action and feeds it back instantly.

Standardized, Simplified, Automated

 We have consolidated and simplified everything you need to know about your SAP security and put it in one customer portal. 

Reduce Risk and Increase Compliance

Get detailed insight into risk drivers and where to start to improve your SAP cyber resilience. 

360˚ protection

A holistic approach to SAP security is necessary. All facets of your security are taken care of: security, compliance, and risk management.

Focused log collection 

Our decades of experience have taught us what's relevant and what isn't. Our expert knowledge allows us to focus our energies on the relevant, saving you time, energy and budget.

Maximum automation, minimal manual tasks

Our philosophy is that anything that can be automated will be automated, freeing up your valuable time and resources to focus on what matters.

 Increased transparency

With our customer portal, detailed monthly reports and knowledge base we make SAP security fully transparent, giving you the awareness, education and knowledge to feel empowered.

24/7/365  Support 

You are not alone with your challenges. Whether it’s inclusive consultations, technical expertise, or peer group support on patch days we have you covered.


Your starting point for better SAP cyber resilience


✔️  15 threat detection patterns 

✔️  30 minute check intervals 

✔️  standard log connector 

✔️  Fully automated alerting








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Baseline Service

A basic level of security for your mission-critical SAP systems


✔️  100+ extended Security Hub threat detection patterns 

✔️  15 minute check intervals

✔️  extended log connector 

✔️  quarterly reporting

✔️  hourly quotas included






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Extended Service

For organizations with higher security requirements


✔️ 150+ custom threat detection patterns

✔️ 10 minutes check intervals

✔️  custom Log Connector

✔️  monthly reporting

✔️  hourly quotas included

✔️  dedicated SAP Security Expert





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 Full Service 

Full Managed SAP Security as a Service


✔️  200+ Security Hub detection patterns (including up to 50 customized patterns)

✔️ 5 minutes check intervals

✔️  custom Log Connector

✔️  monthly reporting

✔️  hourly quotas included

✔️  dedicated SAP Security Team

✔️  24/7/365 monitoring available

✔️  annual SAP Security Audits



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