Why Security Hub?

Organizations with the most stringent security requirements, like governments and critical infrastructure providers, trust Security Hub to keep them safe and compliant.  

Who do we help?

Public Sector

Federal States
District Authorities 
Armor and Defense
Public Safety 
Finance and Critical Infrastructure (KRITIS)
Credit Card Operators 
Operators of Public Infrastructure
Traffic Telematics 
Higher Education 


Why clients choose Security Hub to protect their business-critical systems 

Continuous scanning and threat detection

Security Hub continuously scans and monitors your SAP systems for any threats or compliance issues. Our engineers work round the clock to make new threat detection rules for maximum cyber resilience. 

Lightweight cloud-native solution

Our lightweight connector is powered by the cloud-native Microsoft Azure Continuous SAP Threat Monitoring solution. It can be deployed on any architecture: public cloud, private cloud or on-premise. It requires minimal hardware unlike most other enterprise threat detection solutions.

Scalable architecture

A scalable platform that grows with you as your needs change, easily and seamlessly adding powerful functionality, coverage and users. With Security Hub there are no code changes on your SAP systems and no heavy configurations or maintenance required.

Expert support at your fingertips

You can relax in the knowledge that our experts are always on hand for all issues, big and small. Whether for inclusive consultancy, support, or peer group Patch Day calls, we are here. SAP security can be a complex topic, but with our expertise you can navigate it.

Find out how we can help you

Problems we solve 

Why we are loved by our clients 


We make your SAP security fully transparent, giving you the education and empowerment to take control of your cyber security. 

Cost control

Our predictable monthly subscription costs based on number of servers connected and users will keep you on budget, plus there are no upfront fees. Our pricing is fully transparent so there are no surprises. 

Unrivalled credentials

Our SAP security team are experts in their field are are continuously studying and learning to keep them at the cutting edge of SAP technology. 

Decades of experience

We have decades of experience in our field and have already helped governments and critical infrastructure providers, for example in the financial and telecommunication industries, to keep their SAP systems secure.

Client focused

Security Hub has a customer-first culture and we work flexibly and creatively to solve problems and add value for our clients. At the end of the day, we have one goal: to protect our customers' business-critical SAP systems from any and all threats.

Onboarding within hours

With Security Hub you can be up and running within hours - not months. Our swift onboarding requires no bulky hardware and no drawn-out processes, keeping you secure, on budget, and ahead of the curve.

Secure your business-critical SAP systems 

Find out how Security Hub can improve and automate your cyber resilience and compliance by booking a personalized demo with one of our security experts