The Future of SAP Security Is Here

Imagine you could subscribe to a managed SAP Security service that monitors your security and compliance 24/7/365. It's finally here. So you can relax and focus your attention on your core business.

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SAP Security.

Simplified. Standardized. Centralized. Automated. Stress-free.

Make your SAP Security automated, fully compliant and cost effective. No more manual errors, no more security breaches, no more expensive SAP experts. Our automated platform continuously monitors your SAP systems and our trusted experts are at the helm, keeping you safe, secure and compliant.

What you will get with our solution:

24/7/365 Threat Detection

We monitor your SAP event logs round the clock for anomalies and threats.

Patch Management

Every SAP Security Patch Day we support you in implementing changes and hold monthly peer support calls

Vulnerability Scanning

Our software continuously scans your SAP systems to find vulnerabilities and sends instant reports

Expert Management

Our security experts monitor your systems and tell you when action is required

Incident Reporting

We send you regular incident reports with required updates

Monthly Reports

Weaknesses, vulnerabilities, security scores per system, and SAP Security risk management

Seamless Installation

Our lean architecture adds a minimal amount to your digital footprint, keeping you agile

Fixed Monthly Cost

Predictable monthly subscription costs helping you stay in budget

The right offer for your organization

Let's not oversimplify: SAP Security is complex and individual. Nevertheless, we have simplified and standardized it as much as possible for the sake of efficiency. True to the motto "as automated as possible and as individual as necessary", we will find the right solution for you. Let's talk!

Why Security Hub?

Problem Solvers. We are the only one-stop-shop for all of your SAP security needs, combining automation with expert monitoring and triage

Trust. Organizations with the most stringent security requirements - governments and critical infrastructure - place their trust in us

Empowerment. We give you back the time to focus on what's really important to you and the support and education whenever you need it

Customer focused. We understand all of our clients have different needs, we stay flexible to meet those needs

Experts. We are innovators with industry-leading experience, expertise and knowledge.

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We'll show you how you can use our platform to save you valuable time and resources, whilst increasing your cyber resilience.

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