Security Hub for SAP


Filtering what’s relevant

The engine of our SAP Security & Compliance solution is based on the established and cloud-native Microsoft Sentinel SIEM/SOAR solution. We have developed hundreds of additional SAP threat detection rules to cover the plethora of potential threats to your SAP security.

With our extended log collection capabilities, we are able to collect all relevant logs automatically and ingest them into our Log Analytics instance along with SAP system configuration data. Based on decades of experience, we know exactly which SAP logs are security-relevant, the obvious and the not so obvious.

Lean architecture

Our lean and cloud-native architecture leverages capabilities for running highly reliable, scalable and resilient systems powered by the cloud-native Microsoft Azure Log Analytics and Sentinel engines. Your SAP systems can be connected to Security Hub within hours. Save yourself expensive and lengthy projects with heavyweight enterprise threat detection solutions that may never get off the ground but gather dust in the basement.

No code changes on your SAP systems, no heavy configuration, or maintenance required: hassle-free, minimal TCO.
Deploy on any architecture: public cloud, private cloud, or on-premise.


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