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We detect, classify, and visualize threats to your SAP landscape 24x7 - so you don't have to.

Security Hub ensures that your SAP environments remain secure and compliant.


☑️ No more blind spots

☑️ No complicated tools

☑️ No extra security staff


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Security Hub scans, detects and visualizes threats to your SAP infrastructure.

Our platform brings security and order to each level of your organization. From a board level general systems overview and security reports covering country and industry compliance such as ISO 27001, GDPR, BSI or NIST, to identifying misconfigurations and security issues. Our threat detection engine combines hundreds of controls and manages your risk. With Security Hub you can relax knowing your SAP systems are in safe hands. We take care of security, so you can take care of business.


Security Hub detects:

☑️ Hundreds of SAP threats mapped to MITRE ATT&CK™ Enterprise Framework

☑️ Suspicious user behavior

☑️ Unnecessary authorizations

☑️ Unsecure configuration of AS ABAP

☑️ Data exfiltration

☑️ HANA security issues 

☑️ Missed updates

☑️ Lack of hardening measures

☑️ Non-compliance to standards



SAP Security made simple

Effective SAP security is pro-active and not reactive, our solution enables extensive and continuous systems monitoring. A dashboard which encourages transparency and clarity for all levels of management, and a dedicated SAP Security Officer to respond to threats and issues before they impact your business.


Continuous Monitoring

We believe your organization needs continuous SAP security monitoring rather than a single annual SAP security audit. Security Hub automates SAP monitoring to give you peace of mind.

 Security Reports

Our reports visualize complex SAP security threats so you can see where you are vulnerable. Our Security Scores tell you how you are at present and how you are progressing. With our integrated solution, you stay one step ahead. 

 Universal Standards

Security Hub’s Framework is a controls standardization database that compiles thousands of pages of standards, regulations, and framework controls to ensure you stay secure and compliant.

  Managed Service  

When action is necessary your dedicated SAP Security Officer will be on hand to review and rectify any threats or weaknesses. Making our expertise, your advantage.

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Extensive SAP compliance & security coverage

Not all threats come in the form of an attack. Our holistic approach to SAP security, maintenance and compliance covers a range of prevention, detection and response actions.


Threat Protection


Compliance Reporting



Incident Response



External Log Storage 


Custom Threat Detection Rules



Central SAP Security Platform



SAP Security Experts on Demand



System Hardening




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Avoid the risk of expensive and compromising security and compliance mistakes with our security audit. One of our SAP Security Officers will identify existing risks and recommend solutions to rectify these. All while assessing your suitability for our Security Hub solution.


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Security Hub’s unique SAP Security Framework

Our holistic approach ensures no part of your SAP systems is neglected. Our outsourced solution means you do not have to compromise on any aspect of your SAP security. Monitor each quadrant of your SAP systems without the need for high-cost specialist knowledge. When a resolution is required, our Security Officers are on hand.

Take a look at our coverage below:


One Price, No Surprises

SAP systems are often unpredictable in terms of log volume. We take care of this for you and charge on the basis of the connected systems and the number of unique monitored users.

Our Simple Pricing Model

You pay a fixed monthly subscription based on the number of connected SAP systems and unique monitored users. 

Optimized Ingestion

We make sure that only what makes sense and is needed is ingested. With our years of experience, we know SAP logs like no one else and save you ingestion costs.

Fair Volume Discounts

The more systems and users we monitor, the lower your total cost.

Flexible Billing Options

Monthly or upfront payment with additional discount for longstanding commitment.


Your starting point for better SAP cyber resilience


✔️  1 SAP system up to 10000 users

✔️  15 high priority threat detection rules

✔️  30 minute check intervals 

✔️  standard log connector 








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 Baseline Service 

A basic level of security for your mission-critical SAP systems


✔️  unlimited SAP systems and users

✔️  100+ extended Security Hub threat detection patterns 

✔️  15 minute check intervals

✔️  extended log connector 

✔️  quarterly reporting

✔️  support






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 Extended Service 

For organizations with higher security requirements


✔️ unlimited system and users

✔️ 150+ extended threat detection patterns

✔️ 10 minute check intervals

✔️  extended log connector

✔️  monthly reporting

✔️  hourly quotas included

✔️  dedicated SAP Security Expert





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  Full Service

Full Managed SAP Security as a Service


✔️  200+ Security Hub detection patterns (including up to 50 customized patterns)

✔️  5 minute check intervals

✔️  custom log connector

✔️  monthly reporting

✔️  hourly quotas included

✔️  dedicated SAP Security Team

✔️  24/7/365 monitoring available

✔️  annual SAP Security Audits



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